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Can You Repeat That? A game show of the Birmingham History Center
Can You Repeat That?
A game show of the
Birmingham History Center
Aug. 7 at 7:30 p.m.
All Seats $25 General Admission
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Magic Moments
O'Brien's Opera House
Just one of scores of Birmingham theaters to meet the wrecking ball
In 1878, future Jefferson County sheriff and Birmingham mayor, Frank O'Brien, bought 125 feet of frontage at the nor...
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Volunteers arise
BHC is seeking a volunteer to help with a summer Game Show performance.Read More...
We've moved!!
The Birmingham History Center moved Nov. 1, 2013 to 1807 Third Avenue North. The museum exhibits ha...Read More...
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Win a discounted ticket and help us get ready for the Birmingham history quiz show, Can You Repeat That? Aug. 7!

John Morse, publisher of bhamwiki.comMuch of the rock-solid historical information you'll be absorbing at the History Center's upcoming quiz show (really, all of it), has been mined from the website bhamwiki.com and then ruthlessly tested for accuracy by the History Center and double-verified by bhamwiki's publisher, Birmingham infomaniac John Morse (pictured here). 

There is very little information of significance about Birmingham that has escaped mention in Morse's online encyclopedia. But our dogged pursuit of historic truth requires that we admit the possibility of an oversight. If you can tell us a significant fact or story of about Birmingham that has not yet appeared in bhamwiki.com, send your reply to bjhm@bham.rr.com for a chance at a discounted* ticket to Can You Repeat That? at the Virginia Samford Theatre Aug. 7!

Disclaimer - We are the final arbiters of "significance." Regular general admission tickets are $25 and available now on this website. Discounts starts at 20%.     
A current event
This building on 18th Street North is being gutted and remodeled for a a new restaurant with a familiar name--especially to those from Homewood.

Just a stone's
throw from
the Lyric Theatre
on 18th
this once-vacant
is being
for a live/work
space that will
house a
the ground floor.
Can You Repeat That? A game show of the Birmingham History Center

Tickets on sale now! Buy tickets online here, or call 205-202-4146 for more information.

Each year hundreds--perhaps thousands--of
Birmingham young people graduate from high
school and prepare for college not
having the slightest idea about our city's
history; not knowing who is Charles Linn,
what did Miss Fancy keep in her trunk,
or what the heck is a Railroad Reservation?
Birmingham parents: Don't let this happen to your children!

Help the Birmingham History Center
help these young people know what's going
on around them as they prepare for
their futures--and ours! Mark your calendar
for Aug. 7 at 7:30 p.m., and plan
to attend our quiz show live onstage
at the Virginia Samford Theatre.
To help us prepare our Family Feud
question round, follow this link to take a fun
survey about our Magic City. Your children will thank you. 
Click here to take the survey!
The latest from 1807 Blog Avenue

Where were YOU when you saw the Beatles' perform live on The Ed Sullivan Show in front of 73 million Americans? 

Not Birmingham!  

No media outlet was without a tribute
or retrospective in the lead-up to the
50th anniversary of the Beatles' first
performance on American live
television. But personal accounts
from the state's largest city were
strangely absent. Wasn't there
anyone in Birmingham on that day in
1964 who can remember the TV
moment when Ed Sullivan gestured to
the band's wildly anticipated performance and announced:
“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beatles?”

Click here to read the article.
WORTH REMEMBERING: Open now through Aug. 8
The Birmingham History Center and Alabama Power Co. present a free exhibit of BHC artifacts May 16-Aug. 8.

Thanks to the Alabama Power Co., selected artifacts from BHC's museum collection will be on display during a free summer exhibit May 16-Aug. 8.

Visitors should check in at the front desk inside the power company's building entrance at 600 18th Street North, in the middle of the block. The exhibit will be open M-F, 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

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